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With an enormous love for life and people, joe brings a smile to everything he does. this blog is a small glimpse of his view on the world and the things created in it.

2017, You Disappoint Me Already

2017, You Disappoint Me Already

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”
— Romans 12:12

For the last six months my probation officer has been telling me I can get off probation in April. I have been so excited that every month my anticipation builds more and more, until recently my PO said something that got me even more excited: I could be free before March! 

I was so excited to hear this. My hopes for freedom were so high!

And then, the e-mail.

"Joe, I just double checked- I cannot close your case early because of your misdemeanor case. Your cases will expire in Aug 2018."

Are you kidding me?!?! For the last two and a half years I thought I'd be getting off probation in August, 2016. Then after the car situation, I thought it would be April, 2017. Now after misleading me again you tell me I won't be free until Aug 2018??

That's not all though. She sent me this email shortly after.

"Sorry, wrong date- Feb 18 2019"

I cried. I literally stared at my screen and cried. By the time I get off probation, I will be less than a month away from turning 25. All because I love-tapped a car in Washington Square.

As you can imagine, I have been pretty upset about this. It was a little devastating, to be honest. I spent the better part of three days just feeling so angry. 

On a different note, I have to move out March 1st. (Don't worry, this is for a good reason.) There are some missionaries coming back to America that need a place to live, so a couple is giving up their home for a few months, and they need a place to stay. Therefore, I am having to move and they will take my place here. I am not mad about this one at all. I think it's a really cool thing they are doing actually, so if I can help by vacating, I will do that.

Thankfully though, God has given me many reasons to be happy right now. I got my license back this week, I already have three paid photography shoots scheduled this month, with a possible two more on the way, I already found a place to live that is super cheap, I'm going on a really fun trip with my friends this month, and my job is so slow right now I have just enough time to fit all of this into my schedule.

Life is good. It's just this whole two-more-years thing is overshadowing that a lot.

Oh, on another positive note, I got new tires for my car a little bit ago, my sister got me the most amazing shirt as an incredibly early birthday present, and I got free tickets to the box suite at the Blazer game last night!

I have found that when there isn't anyone around I can talk to and vent, praying while watching the stars makes a pretty good substitute. It is one of the most peaceful things ever to lay down and admire the stars, and even though I had to work at 7am today, getting three hours of sleep was totally worth it.

These shots are really noisy and not the best, but I still love them.

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