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A Wedding and the Beach

A Wedding and the Beach

“A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for.”
— Albert Einstein

As I mentioned in my last post, I was still processing the photos from Tanner and Sophia's wedding. They are now finished! Thanks to the holiday season it took twice as long as I was expecting, but I'm still happy with them anyway.

This shot is in that feed, but it's my favorite so I'm putting it here again for you. It's rare that I get goosebumps from a photo, but when I popped them all up on my computer this one gave me goosebumps. You can feel the emotion!! Seriously, this moment is so intimate and special and just... Intense! I love it.

In different news, the Inn at Arch Cape reached out to my friend Jake and offered to put him and his friends up for two nights, in exchange for photos! He invited Alex and I, so we had two awesome nights in their beautiful Inn, chilling and editing, and adventuring throughout the day! 

I have to say, there have been some pretty cool opportunities that have come up just by being a photographer! It wasn't something I ever expected honestly. This free stay was one example, but getting to ride in a hot air balloon (see this post) was another, massively discounted Airbnb's another, and some other little things have happened including a whiskey company that's going to give me free whiskey in exchange for product photos! The last one hasn't happened yet, but when I make my next trip down to Sisters they will stock me up :)

I'm only scratching the surface right now, but I'm looking forward to the day I get to take free trips around the world in exchange for pictures. It'll happen ;)

I'm honestly not very happy with any of those beach shots except for the one I got of Alex standing in the top of the waterfall. However! I did happen upon an unexpected composition that really got me excited. As I was backing up to get out of Jake's shot, I realized the cave above me framed the landscape perfectly!

As I looked at this on the laptop, I couldn't help but think it almost looked like the outline of Oregon! Now, had I been by myself I don't think I would have gone much farther than that thought. But because my friends were right there I mentioned that to them, and said it would be funny if I photoshopped it. They thought it was a great idea! A lot of hours later and I present this masterpiece!

My Instagram buddies all said that is going to go viral, but that has yet to happen. Hahaha. In any case I love it and it was a TON of work to create. It may not look like much has changed but my goodness, you don't even know the effort it took.

So then just a couple days ago I had plans with a friend which ended up falling through. So, an evening with nothing planned? TIME FOR THE BEACH!!! 

I booked it out to the Peter Iredale shipwreck, where my Instagram friend and her husband were shooting. Sadly, the sunset was pretty disappointing and there were a million people walking and climbing around the wreck. So, I left to get a burger. Haha.

I came back out to shoot stars with Alisha again, and she was already out there with a headlamp. We shot around for a while, enduring the wind and car lights that persistently stuck around to bug me. Worth it though!! I'm really happy with these two.

So I thought it was awesome to get that shot. Apparently someone on Instagram did not though, and they posted about it on one of Alisha's shots she took of me, similar to my second shot above.

I wish I left it alone, but I did comment back saying that I was in fact the one who climbed it, not her, so be mad at me instead. On top of that, there is no posting (on the beach or online), that says you can't climb it. In fact, all the sites that talk about this place encourage climbing and interacting with the structure.

So on that second comment, I just posted a link to this photo shot in 1910. I don't really engage trolls, but this guy was ridiculous and he was rude to my friend, so I had a laugh out of it.

One more thing before I go! Remember in the last post how I mentioned the date for National Geographic got moved to the 11th? Well I didn't get an email on the 11th so I checked in on the website. Turns out they pushed the date out again to the 24th. I'll update ya'll again, though I hope next time you hear about it it's not another reschedule.

Celestial Waterfall

Celestial Waterfall

MmMmm 2018

MmMmm 2018