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But I Saved the Freaking Coffee

But I Saved the Freaking Coffee

There's this small lake you pass by on your way to Corvallis. It's about 1/4 mile around, not super special, but since I first saw it a few years ago I knew I wanted to stop there. Knowing I would be passing it on my way out to Corvallis again today, I left a half hour early so I could walk around it.

Gosh, was it beautiful there! I only left myself a half hour to spend, so I used five of those minutes to talk with this lady about how this certain type of bird is leaving their nest because of oil or something, and now they are making a home in this lake. Not really interested in photographing birds today, I broke conversation by letting her dog lick my face, and moved on. Around the one bend there is a small stream leading into the lake that passes by this beautiful yellow tree and a bridge! This was where I wanted to shoot. I removed my shoes and socks, rolled up my pants, and set up in the stream.

A beautiful stream leading into a foggy lake

I met Celia at OSU, we walked all over campus, and had some awesome hawaiian food in this small little joint that was in a really weird place. The campus is absolutely beautiful right now. I mean the fall colors are everywhere, but OSU is a really cool campus in general with some of the older buildings, a pleasant layout, and lots of trees. 

Weatherford Hall, OSU

After a tour of the campus, I decided that the beach sounded like an excellent idea, being it was only an hour away. It was a tad windy and just a little too cold, so I got us some coffee to sip while we chilled and waited for a sunset that never showed. 

If you read Spontaneous and Superb, you would know the frustrations I have been having with pink bars of light in my daytime long exposures. Today was an opportunity to try another shot like those with the viewfinder cover closed, and get the results I was hoping to get originally. 

First few shots were turning out great. I was working into a good composition (taking into account there was no sunset,) the waves were consistently tame and small in size, and no pink bars of light in my picture! I was cold, but really excited. Thankfully I had a nice warm cup of coffee to sip while I shot, but as an added bonus against the cold, I buried my feet deep in the sand so they would stay away from the cold water. Snugly planted in the sand I assumed everything was perfect until - out of nowhere - a giant wave came flying towards me! I only had milliseconds to react, and in the panic I attempted to dislodge my feet. Useless! I couldn't free myself in time. The wave hit me in my hip and knocked me down into the water! I stumbled backwards as I watched - to my horror - as the power of the wave tilted, tilted, tilted my tripod, until with a splash my camera fell into the salty water.

I walked a few yards back and plumped down in a wet heap on the wet sand, examining my camera in an unfamiliar state of disbelief and loss, hoping that somehow the water didn't have time to take it's damaging effects. Unfortunately, It was done for. I removed the memory card, (which was dry!) and trudged back to Celia who somehow missed seeing this catastrophe. It wasn't until I was setting my tripod down by my bag that I noticed the full coffee cup in my left hand. I couldn't save my $4,500 camera gear, or my hat, but I saved the freaking coffee.

The last shot I got before my camera was taken out.

My camera is sitting in a nice big bag of rice (not that that's going to do any good at this point,) and the warranty might be able to help me out with the body. The lense is my dad's though, so I'll be saving another $1,500 to repay him for that one. In any case, I may be a photographer without a camera for a while. 

*Update: The warranty will not cover it, so there's really not much hope of recovering it. Guess I'll be saving for a little while!

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