All in Coast

Too Much Life

Now I don't want you all to think I am backing off the blog or photography for good or anything. Quite the opposite. I just needed a mental break. Be it a VERY long mental break. But with summer in full swing and all the change coming my way I am about to embrace the new season of life and KILL IT with my photography!!

Celestial Waterfall

Many of you found out already, but for those of you who didn't, I am SO STOKED to announce that I have finally reached one of my biggest life goals - being published by National Geographic!!

A Splendid Proposal

Running out of time and options, I put the graduated neutral-density filter on first and wrapped my headlamp strap around it; creating a small place within the strap that would hold the second filter up to the lense. You can see it in the post on the main blog page, but every time I look at it I laugh because it's just so ghetto.