All in NW

Didn't Get Enough

This time I went with Nick and we started at Todd Lake; roughly 14 miles round trip (though we probably did 15 or 16), with about 2,000 feet elevation gain. It was certainly difficult to my unseasoned legs.

Parking Garage Hunting

At this point if I walk, I might be late. I started walking my bike. I check the time after about a half mile and realize, I will definitely be late if I walk! So I ran. I ran and I ran and I ran (with my bike in hand) and after two grueling miles I arrived at work, and - I couldn't believe it - clocked in at 3:00 ON THE DOT!!

Walnuts and Sand

I guess what I'm trying to say is go spend time with someone you care about. You'll probably have to sacrifice in some way, but that sacrifice is insignificant when compared to the importance of human relationships.

A Splendid Proposal

Running out of time and options, I put the graduated neutral-density filter on first and wrapped my headlamp strap around it; creating a small place within the strap that would hold the second filter up to the lense. You can see it in the post on the main blog page, but every time I look at it I laugh because it's just so ghetto.