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Celestial Waterfall

Celestial Waterfall

β€œThe moment you put a deadline on your dream, it becomes a goal.”
— Harsha Bhogle

Many of you found out already, but for those of you who didn't, I am SO STOKED to announce that I have finally reached one of my biggest life goals - being published by National Geographic!!

A few years back when I started getting serious about photography I always said it was a dream of mine to be published by them, but then I decided, why not make it time-limited? I set a deadline. My goal was to be published by Nat Geo by the time I turned 25.

Lo and Behold, I haven't even turned 23 and I did it!!!

Now, it is still unclear if this will be in the printed version of the magazine, or just the online assignment. I don't know yet. If it is the magazine, I'm sure you will be hearing about it! 

In any case, you can view the published story here.

The NatGeo editors note was pretty cool too:

"Good photographs are often dependent on interesting juxtapositions - and in this image, a specific moment in time was required for the Milky Way to align beautifully with the waterfall. In this fantastic picture, the stars seem to spill out of the sky - becoming a celestial waterfall."

In other news,

I had one of the MOST EXHILARATING shoots today with Alex!! We went to Shore Acres State Park, and got some wave shots. 

I knew I wouldn't be happy with just pictures of waves though, so after a while I set up my camera, framed the composition, and headed over to the cliffside.

Now to clarify (this is for you mom), the spot I'm standing at looks super dangerous. It is not. Because of the angle of the shot, you can't see that the waves crashing are actually landing about 20 feet to my right. The other cliff sticking out of the ocean is directly in front of me, and it blocks all the incoming water, leaving it to cascade safely on either side of me!

But it looks like I'm about to be demolished. That was the goal ;)

I think it's funny to note that I'm already getting flak for this shot. There were like 30 other photographers here and ALMOST all of them seemed pumped I was willing to go out there for their pictures, but someone is already going around Facebook posting their shots of me and making me look bad. Apparently I hopped a barrier, I'm an idiot who doesn't care about their life, and I did it all for Instagram. 

None of those are true. There was absolutely no barrier, I love life and I saw no actual danger with where I was standing, and to finish it off, I had envisioned this shot long ago. It had nothing to do with Instagram, it's about fulfilling my creative vision and adding a super-rad shot to my portfolio. But yeah I will also post it to IG. That's the side product ;)

Bring on the trolls!! Kinda tired of people hating on me for getting awesome shots even though they aren't even risky or damaging. I've done dangerous stuff, but this is not even CLOSE to the same level of danger, hahahaha!

Lastly, I'd like to announce I will be having a big sale on my prints in celebration of getting published. Hit me up in the contact page if you are interested!! 

Also, just want to make sure you guys know. This is the biggest accomplishment of my life so far!! I was so excited when I found out I yelled and laughed like a madman in the parking lot.

But to all of you who have supported me doing photography, thank you so much!!! Ya'll are the reason I didn't settle, and settling has the potential to discard your dreams.

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