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With an enormous love for life and people, joe brings a smile to everything he does. this blog is a small glimpse of his view on the world and the things created in it.

Griff, Nick, and the Multi-Pitch

Griff, Nick, and the Multi-Pitch

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
— Jeremiah 29:11

Well It's about time I wrote a new post huh? I've been lacking inspiration, sorry.

I guess I'll start with where I left off last time. I was coming home a fantastic weekend in Corvallis when I decided to walk around Portland for a bit. It was still a bit sunny out, everything freshly damp from the last rain, and most of the fall leaves still in bloom. I didn't have any crazy expectations when I got off the bus that time, but I was sure surprised when less than five minutes later I was punched in the face! 

Now whenever I pass by this place, I'm a lot more aware of the dangerous people that prowl around the Greyhound station, but at the time I'd never really been there and I didn't really know.

So this dude is screaming at this woman. Big black dude, a bit rougher looking white woman, and he is relentless. He gets to a point in his yelling and cursing where he appears as though he is going to hit the woman, and I'm not ok with how this is going. I walk across the street so I can stand a good 15-20 feet away and subtly record what's going on. His screaming only intensifies, his body posture is strict, and every ten seconds or so he looks back at me and meets my gaze. Then what I seriously hoped wouldn't happen, inevitably, did. He shouted something about how he's going to "talk to this punk b*tch!!" and made a few swift strides towards me. 

I've been bullied in the past and this was no different, so I stood my ground as his nose approached my face and came to a halt less than two inches away from my eyebrows. He's screaming at me now, of course, and what about I honestly could not tell you. There were only two things I could remember about this moment. 1. I remember thinking - 'What would he do if I leaned forward and gave him a peck?' and 2. I remember saying - "Look, I'm only standing here because I don't want her to get hurt." at which point my vision went completely black, I almost hit the pavement, and I saw stars dance in my eyes as I struggled to regain balance. I had just been punched?!

I couldn't believe it. As my vision began to fill the gaps between the stars I was seeing, I noticed the man had not stopped cussing at me, but was beginning to back away. Having just now regained my balance, I observed what looked two gang members fly around the corner on their BMX bikes, both sporting matching bandannas across their faces. They skid to a halt next to the crazy dude, and I finally made a good decision and backed away to the other side of the street. 

It felt as though I had smashed my face against a solid block of ice. In retrospect though, my only goal of the situation was to prevent that woman from getting hurt, and prevent the woman from getting hurt, I did! Albeit with my own face, ahahahaha.

SO! As per my last post, I am no longer allowed to drive for the time being. I tried biking and as much as I don't want to admit this, I bailed on that idea. 16 miles a day was taking up too much of my life. Plus with two flat tires in the one week, and someone steeling my light system (and rendering my lock unusable in the process,) I was looking forward to a change. On my last day biking home however, I had an encounter with another crazy. 

I needed to get into the left turn lane. I looked behind me and with plenty of space, stuck my arm out to signal; only to watch the massive truck floor it and cut me off. Jerk. The car behind him was really nice and slowed down, so the moment the truck was in front of me I veered around to his drivers side and into the left turn lane. Seeing I was coming up on his left side, he steered his truck farther left (even though his right turn signal was on,) which put me in a very tight squeeze between the two cars.

Yes, I shouldn't have provoked him; but after being unnecessarily cut off and almost blocked from my portion of the lane, I mouthed the words "Screw you" as I unclipped from the pedal. The man revved his engine and jerked his truck even farther left, narrowly missing my leg and front wheel by mere inches! He then proceeded to roll down his window, grab me by my collar, and yank my entire body up against his door with his left hand! He was yelling at me about how tired he was of "Irate little f*cks like me!!" and he asked me "Didn't you see my bumper sticker?! I'M AN ARMY VETERAN!!!". 

As I was being held in the air by my collar with my feet somewhat straddling the top of the bike, my eyes were locked on his right hand - balled into a massive fist - with his arm coiled threateningly and ready to "Beat the sh*t out of me right there!!" After a lot of bewilderment and laughter on my part, he finally threw me back down to the bike. I looked him in the eyes and said "See ya!" as I rode away. The light had just turned green.

So after getting home, I had my parents drive my car near my work, and for over a month I have been dirtbaggin it in my car. The best part? I am freaking loving it! 

Advantages of living at home: Constant electricity, bathroom, wifi, and heating. Advantages of living in my car: Portability, never have to fight traffic, less to clean, more time to do what I want, I climb more, I eat better (Whole Foods is my backyard,) I have a pool and hot tub accessible to me at any time, It is an incredibly short walk to work, I have a more comfortable bed than any I've ever slept in before (Futon mattress, with three layers of memory foam on top,) I have a shower at my gym, I read more, and lastly, a hammock in my front seat.

Also this month: Nick, Griffin, and I did our first multi-pitch route! Well, not all of it. We pretty much got halfway on Wherever I May Roam, but being the first time we've ever done this, it took much longer than expected with three people. It was also pretty comical: as we were walking to the route I made a comment about how much I loved the peace and quiet from Smith. However. As soon as the rope had been flaked and we were prepped to climb, the house nearest us turned on their speakers and began blasting modern pop music! FOR FIVE. FREAKING. HOURS. 

Despite the music, it was so much fun!! All three of us freezed out there, our fingers went numb as we climbed, and I learned a very valuable lesson. ALWAYS tie a knot in the end of your rope. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS. You don't think you'll be that dummy who makes a mistake, but when you finally are you better have tied that knot to save your ass. (Ahem - butt. Sorry.)

So we decided instead of spending another night in the back of the Explorer, we could make it home at a decent time instead. And get hot food. And watch a movie. And hot tub. HOT TUB.

Now I'm a little bummed that I didn't have a subject I felt like writing about for this post, so I apologize. It was time for an update on life. I'll wrap it up here with some shots I took in my hotel parking garage during the rainstorm we had, and a bridge I stumbled upon in the black of night. I LOVE PUDDLES.

PS: Nope, I do not have a camera yet. I borrowed my dad's for the puddle and bridge shots. Soon though!

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