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Hotel Ventures, and a Picture of a Flower

Hotel Ventures, and a Picture of a Flower

It seems despite my faith in people as smart and capable beings, they always surprise me with requests or conversations that I just don't understand. Here is an insight into the front desk life from July:


Phone rings.

Me    “Thank you for calling the Grand Hotel at Bridgeport, this is Joe, how may I help you?”

Man    “Uh, ya. Is this the Motel 6 across from the gas station?”

Me    “No, this is the Grand Hotel at Bridgeport, right next to Bridgeport Village. Would you like to make a reservation?”

Man    “Uh, I want to stay at the Motel 6 across from the gas station.”

Me    “Oh, well, I’m sorry, I’m afraid I’m not much help to you.”

Man    “Don’t you guys have like, a chain of Motel 6’s, other than yours?”

Me    “No, this is the Grand Hotel at Bridgeport, we don’t own any Motel 6's.”

Man    “Oh.”



Woman comes to the front desk to check in.

Woman    “Excuse me, are you aware that there is a man sitting in his truck in the parking garage texting?”

Me        “... Well, no, I wasn’t.”

Woman    “Yes. He’s just sitting in his truck texting, and I am a single woman travelling alone.”

Me         (Not really sure what she expects me to do about it) “I’ll look into the situation as soon as I finish checking you in then.”

The truck was gone when I get there, but it turns out it was my co-worker who had just gotten off work not a few minutes earlier.


On the return from a shuttle run to Washington Square, an old woman ran me off the road. She changed lanes with me parallel to her left side. I gave a small honk, we made eye contact, and she continued to change lanes. Now halfway out of my lane, I put on my breaks, honked again, and proceeded to exit.

She checked into the hotel an hour later and would not make eye contact with me. Awkward.


Guy walks in.

Guy    “Is so-and-so checked in yet?”

Me    I shouldn’t have said this, but “Yes, he is in-house.”

Guy    “What room is he in?”

Me    “I can’t give out his room number, but I can ring his room and ask him if you’d like.”

Guy    “Ya”

Me    Dial up to room, no answer. “I’m sorry, so-and-so is not answering.”

Guy    “Well what room is he in?”

Me    “I can’t tell you what room he is in, but if you have him call me and get permission I can tell you.”

Guy    “Why.”

Me    “That’s our company policy.”

Guy    “Why.”

Me    “It’s for security purposes, we don’t just give out room numbers for strangers.”

Guy    “But I play for the Portland Trail Blazers.”

Me    “I still can’t give out my guests’ room numbers.”

Guy    “But I play for the Blazers. I know so-and-so.”

Me    “I understand, but our company policy doesn’t change because you play for the blazers. Now I do apologize, but I have to pick a guest up and I’m running late. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Guy    *Grunt.*

Guy    I leave, and man turns to my co-worker. “What room is so-and-so in?”


Woman walks into the lobby and in an impatient tone says: “Where is the parking.”

I’m confused, because in order to get to the lobby she had to drive by the massive parking garage and walk through both of our outdoor lots. “... Our parking structure is right across the way there, and we have parking lots on either side of our doors.”  I proceed to point to the parking garage.

As she stands awkwardly at a distance in the middle of the lobby, she points to the floor and asks: “Where is your downstairs parking?”

“We don’t have a downstairs parking. Our garage is right there across from the entrance” I point again.

“No. The downstairs parking. How do I get to it?” She points at the floor underneath her feet, and this time stomps on the ground.

“Ma'am we don’t have a downstairs parking. You can see the structure right outside the doors there where you came in.”

“Where is it.”

“Do you see the big structure right there outside the doors? That is our parking garage, and if you walk outside you will see two separate lots to your right and left. The parking is free.”

“Ok” Exasperated, she leaves.

I never saw her again.


Phone rings, woman speaking

Me        “Thank you for calling the Grand Hotel at Bridgeport, this is Joe, how may I help you?”

Woman    “Oh- did you say Jill or Bill?”

Me        “I said Joe. My name is Joe.”

Woman    “Ooooh, Jill.”

Me        (Not wanting to fight with her over this:) “...Yeah. How may I help you?”

Woman    “May I speak to Bill please?”

Oh brother.



Phone rings from room 312

Me        “This is the front desk, how may I help you?”

Woman    “Hi, do you guys have an Auto Club discount?”

Me        “Let me take a look”

Woman    “Thanks”

Me        “You said Auto Club? It’s not on our list here, so they don’t have a rate with us. I’m sorry about that.”

Woman    “Well do you have any other rates I should know about? Anything at all.”

Me        “Do you have AAA?”

Woman    “Auto Club.”

Me        “No, we have a AAA rate though, and I may be able to apply that if you have it.”

Woman    “AAA is Auto Club.”

... Ha! This would be a great time for a face palm.


Phone rings...

"Thank you for calling the Grand Hotel at Bridgeport, this is Joe, how may I help you?"

"Um yes, may I put you on hold please?"

After moving from the sun to the dark indoors, trying different angles, and lighting the scene differently I finally got the exact picture I was trying to capture. 282 shots after I started.

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