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With an enormous love for life and people, joe brings a smile to everything he does. this blog is a small glimpse of his view on the world and the things created in it.

Lying in Lavender

Lying in Lavender

“The darker the night, the brighter the stars,
The deeper the grief, the closer is God!”
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

GUYS. You know that time-lapse idea I've been working on? I'm getting close!

This is by no means my best work, or anywhere near it, but this video successfully demonstrates the idea I've had in my head for the last year. Keep in mind this is only my 3RD ATTEMPT at this idea, and only my 5th time-lapse I've ever made. I plan on doing many more!

I have to say, waking up after shooting this was one of my favorite mornings I've ever had. My eyes opened to the start of a beautiful sunrise (Including a Sun Pillar!!!), the air sweet from the lavender field I slept in, with deer browsing nearby me! So despite only getting three hours of sleep and waking up at 5am, my entire day was fantastic. Haha, well, until my car had another problem.

Quick update: I have a new transmission waiting for me in the shop, but they can't get my car in just yet to replace it. I've been driving it around (in second gear), but after work this evening the dashboard started fuming smoke! I think it was from the wiring on the headlight switch, because the headlights wouldn't turn on after that. Also my window roller broke while the window was down, hahaha. So with these things I drove the car around the corner to the transmission shop and it is currently there, awaiting a new tranny. After which, I am selling it.

The window is still down though? So I guess I hope no one steals it... Not that I'd care if they did.

I also did another time-lapse this week! I made this one to test out my LRTimeLapse 4 program. It's an awesome program. Basically, it helps you adjust all the lighting from the frames in the video to match. This way, the sun won't over-expose sections of your video if it comes out from behind a cloud.

I also went downtown again with that dude I met on a parking garage. I want more experience with portraits, so he gladly helped me out.

On a similar note, I've been DYING to try photographing smoke grenades, so Griffin and I went back to my favorite parking garages to shoot! Want to know something cool? The two pictures of black smoke are BARELY edited. Literally, the only thing I edited on those was the saturation in the smoke. It was kinda purple. Otherwise, you are basically looking at the raw photo! This is thanks to the beautiful overhead lighting from the garage.

Someone did call the cops on us, but the funny thing was, it wasn't because of the smoke! I think we spooked someone while trying to avoid a security guard at the first garage, and they finally found us after we'd finished the smoke grenades (Oh, and when I say "they", I don't mean one police car... I mean three police cars and two bike cops! Hahahaha). Not to worry though! The only thing we did wrong was enter a parking garage without having our car parked in it. So they let us go. 

Oh! Before I go, I want to let everyone know that if you buy me lunch at my favorite food cart, I'll take pictures of you for free! Yeah that's right. I want to get more comfortable photographing people, so for the cheap price of a lunch I'll shoot, edit, and give you all the finished pictures. 

Interested? Shoot me a message!

And that's all everyone! Thank you for sticking with me through my last few depressing posts.

Wait! One last thing. Sorry, it just dawned on me. I'm changing up the look of the landing page, and I've finally updated the Gallery. I have to change the picture on the home page since I'm getting rid of the van, but I want to know what you think. Let me know in the comments, and please tell me if you've got any suggestions for it (I.E. background picture, greeting idea, should I include a short description or something of the sort?)


An - Accidentally - Impeccable Composition

An - Accidentally - Impeccable Composition

Parking Garage Hunting

Parking Garage Hunting