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MmMmm 2018
“Happiness consists in getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more.”
— Robert A. Heinlein

Hello there!

It has been a while since my last post. Life is just crazy busy and it's been impossible to find a time to post, but it's 3am and I can't sleep. Now is the time!!

As this is my first post of the new year I should mention that I fulfilled my New Years Resolution from last year! My goal was to have at least one photoshoot for every week of the year. 52 weeks later and I had 62 shoots! Pretty stoked about that.

Now besides working, and working, and working, I have also managed to spend time with a bunch of great people and go on some rad adventures since Thanksgiving. The first one was shortly after, when Jerad and I went to Cape Kiwanda! We intended to make it for sunset but I had just gotten off work and bombed it out there, only to be a few minutes too late.

Oh well. There was still light out, so I went down to the far end to line up the rocks with the seastack out in the distance. Jerad tried to warn me that the waves were going to be really big and get me where I was standing, but I was like 40 feet higher than the ocean!

I didn't believe him. "Look, the waves are only like five feet high!" I said

As soon as I finished saying that, a MASSIVE wave shot up from below! Towering an insane 40 or 50 feet high, I wasn't left with any choice. I snatched up my camera, turned around and ducked, when - SPLASH!! Water cascaded all over me leaving everything soaked except my stomach, my chest, and most importantly, my camera.

I was so thrilled I laughed like a maniac! I literally just kept laughing and laughing while Jerad was telling me to get away from there (which wasn't gonna happen).

The next time a wave came my direction I was prepared! I held my raincoat in front of me (like a bullfighter holds his cape) so that when the wave came I could stand still and cover my camera. Sure enough, it worked!! I was ABSOLUTELY drenched head to toe, but I got the shot I wanted and it was so much fun to get! In the following pictures you can see pre-to-post wave, with my jacket being thrown on in between.

Later that week I thought I'd try my luck at shooting the moon! Being the first (and only) supermoon of 2017 I had to try it out. Unfortunately, I found out you really need a longer lens than a 200mm, as even when you crop in closer it still does not turn out crisp enough.

I was so excited about the waves at Cape Kiwanda that I had to go try again! Alex and I headed out there, but instead of wind and waves it was literally the calmest ocean I have ever seen! Hahaha. We took a few shots of the sunset (none of which I ended up liking), and then stuck around to shoot some stars.

Now before you tell me "Oh that shot is a bullseye" or "Your horizon is split" I want you to understand that I K N O W. I did it on purpose. I felt it was ok to break the rules on this one because Alex's silhouette, combined with the milky way and the added flashlight pulls so much of the attention away from the center, it works! Add the shooting star on the left side, the bowl shape below, and in my opinion everything balances out!

I also want to note that Alex is the best person I've ever shot long exposures with before! Seriously, the cliff edge he was standing on was super windy and he stood SO still those 30 seconds that this only took one try! 

Another reason I like that shot so much is that it is barely edited, at all! Now unlike that one, this next shot was a little more editing. It's two combined shots, a 20-second exposure for the stars and five minutes for the foreground. I wanted it to be a bright shot even with the stars!

So, I'm only putting one shot up from the wedding I did, as I'm still editing everything and I wanted to get a New Years post up somewhat close to the new year... In any case, I had the opportunity to photograph my friend's wedding, and it was a blast!! I don't dance much at all, but if I were to dance at a wedding this would be it. They had a lady teaching everyone to swing dance and everyone got into it! Such a blast.

This shot was planned, so after all the dancing began to reside I had everyone gather up again for one big picture. As I watched everyone dance throughout the evening, I began to envision this exactly. I wanted you, the viewer, to feel the motion, energy, and joy everyone and this happy couple were feeling in this moment; and this is what I got!

Unfortunately I still work 40 hours a week at my real job, so finding time to do anything is difficult. BUT! I had one day later that week that I worked in the afternoon, so Alex and I headed out to Tamanawas Falls! I went there not too long ago at the end of fall, but I really wanted icicles and some morning color.

Now do you see that rainbow!? It's awesome, but it's not actually a rainbow! When I looked up and saw that thing I was blown away. Why was the rainbow upside-down??? When I got home I googled it verbatim : "Why was the rainbow upside-down?"

What I learned is that rainbows reflect through the water droplets in the air. Rain, mist, clouds, etc. where as this is a reflection of the sun's rays off of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere! It is called a Circumzenithal Arc, and it makes the sky look like it is smiling :)

Now having not had enough waterfalls this month (Am I on a waterfall craze now? Probably. Seems so), I headed out with five other Instagram friends to shoot some more. We wanted to get the first sunrise of 2018, and follow that up with two awesome falls right after! Since my sunrise shot was better I'm saving it for last ;)

I have to say, crampons are BY FAR the most underrated piece of gear I've ever owned! My sister got me some for Christmas and most of these shots wouldn't have happened without them. Thank you Caitlin!!

I don't really like any of the shots I got from the second set of falls, but I guess I was instrumental in my buddies shots! If and when he posts them I might ask to put them up here as well.

And even though I was up till 2:30am New Years Eve, I shot and present to you the first sunrise of 2018:

PS: A lot of you know that I submitted to a National Geographic assignment a little bit ago. For those of you who didn't know that, I have a REALLY good chance of being published!! 

Today was the original date they said they would publish the story, but they have now pushed that publish date until January 11th. I will check in with you all when that happens! 

A Wedding and the Beach

A Wedding and the Beach

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!