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Not-So-Typical Spring Break

Not-So-Typical Spring Break

β€œIt is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Typically people flock to the beaches and warmer climates for Spring Break. My friends and I, however, decided to road trip it down to Salt Lake City for some fresh mountain powder!

Now Nick, Katie, and Griffin are all big on skiing and snowboarding. They have season passes to Mount Hood, go up at least every other weekend, and are all really good. Me? Nope. I'm alright, but I don't go up often enough to get really good, and I'm bad at chairlifts, hahaha.

That being said, when Nick suggested we stop in Sun Valley to add an extra day of skiing to our trip, I decided to look for different options. Mountain biking season hasn't started, the skydiving place is closed, and heliskiing is way out of my league - both by skill level and money. So I went Paragliding!

We stayed two nights in Sun Valley, exploring restaurants and ski shops without buying anything because it's SO expensive. It was a really cool place though! 

Once in Utah we went skiing at Solitude, and it was AWESOME. Not very many people, perfect amount of snow coming down, and no wind. I wish I could have taken my camera up with me, but there was too much snow and I wasn't familiar enough with the terrain to risk it.

With our rest day afterwards, we went downtown Salt Lake City to see the Mormon temple. There was this really cool hike we wanted to do on the island in Salt Lake, but it was an hour and a half away and we were all sick of driving. So we meandered around temple square for a while, then wandered through the city a little bit and ended up at an Olive Garden.

Our server there (bless her heart) was SO nice and tried SO hard to make our experience pleasant, but to be honest she was not the best. She spilled our soup, fumbled over every sentence, and even grated cheese on Nick's lap at one point; but made up for it with her eagerness to serve us and swift breadstick replacement. 10/10.

Later that evening we went climbing at The Mine in Park City. It was a small gym, but we had a really awesome time there. As it turns out, Nick's parents had flown to Park City that same evening, so they took us out to dinner and we all browsed the main strip afterward.

Even though we were waking up to ski the next morning, I couldn't leave without getting a good shot of the view we were staying under. So while everyone went home to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I took a walk to a construction site and did some snooping for a good view. The hotel they were building had security cameras, but if you walked through it right you could at least make it to the left side of the overlook deck without being seen. The view was spectacular!

We were under the impression we could use our ski passes more than once, so we geared up and headed to Brighton the next morning. To our dismay, no one could get through the lift gate! It turned out they were only good for one use, so we went home. It was a really freaking long drive, but we're all pretty entertaining, so it wasn't a problem. Also we drafted a semi for like 300 miles, so that was hilarious. I think he was pissed at first, but eventually just gave up losing us and became our buddy. He even waved and laughed with us as we finally passed him!

Anyway, it was an awesome trip. I am really glad to have escaped with such awesome friends.

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