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Out In Oregon

Out In Oregon

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!”
— Dr. Suess

Yo! It's been a minute since I posted last, sorry about that. I've been so busy!

Some of you know that it's been a goal of mine to spend the next year or so checking out all of Oregon's best spots. I've certainly been doing a good job of that, and I've been having the time of my life!!! Not to say there is anything really wrong going on, but getting out almost every weekend like I do is Just. So. Therapeutic. I highly recommend it!

Now after the Boardman Tree Farm (see last post), I wanted to go to a waterfall I haven't seen before. Tamanawas Falls doesn't really fit that description. I snowshoed there once with my dad and our friend Phil, but I've never seen it without snow, so I decided to count it.

That was taken a few years ago, before I started taking photography seriously. I still had braces! Hahaha

Anyway I got off work at 3:00pm, and picked up Griffin on my way out. The sun sets too freaking early now, so we BOOKED it out there, made it to the trailhead before sunset, and arrived at the falls JUST as it started getting dark. 

Not being prepared, I got drenched getting these shots. Literally waist deep in freezing, fast water, in my skate shoes and jeans. Hahaha

So then a few days later my friends and I all got together for a beach trip at Katie's family beach house. So much fun! The weather was not the best during the day, at night it was beautiful!! 

Using my prize money from the competition, I got myself another Syrp Genie Mini. This is basically a super sweet panning device you mount your camera to, that moves and shoots at chosen intervals. When you stitch all the shots together afterwards, you get a timelapse! 

Using both of these at the same time, I was able to pan both horizontally and vertically! Pretty cool stuff (if your a photography geek I guess).

Another spot I have always wanted to get pictures of is the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. I thought another time-lapse would be cool, but long story short it took me SEVEN TRIES to finally nail it down. The worst was after waiting an hour and 45 minutes, the lady who's car I was set up next to needed to leave. I offered to pay her a bunch of cash so she would leave her car there for 15 more minutes, to which she responded "That's a long time!" 

Lady, I'm offering to pay you $3.00 a minute. Whatever.

So after six frustrating attempts I finally got it on the seventh!

SO. Most of you know this already if you follow me on Instagram, but there is some pretty exciting stuff going on right now! 

Basically, there is a company called Out In Oregon. They have two teams, a landscape and a portrait team. Their landscape team will spend 2018 hitting all the incredible and lesser-known spots in Oregon. One of their team members ( suggested I apply, so I applied right away and am currently waiting on that one. Interviews are in December, wish me luck!

The second team is their portrait team. 

If you visit their website hereyou can book a session with them! They will then select a team member to work with you, and you'll work with that photographer for whatever type of shoot it is you are looking to do. Best part is? They are reasonably flexible about pricing, so having a smaller budget should not prevent you booking with them.

I was told I should apply to this team as well, so I did. I was hired within a day!! I think I am one of six members, and I have yet to meet the rest of them.

My first shoot for Out In Oregon was one of the most hilarious shoots I've ever been on!! These three girls got together in Portland to catch up with each other, and wanted a photographer to document their hike. All fun stuff, but what made it ever better was their idea for an aliens-in-the-woods themed shoot! Hahaha I literally couldn't stop laughing during those sets.

Later that same day I met up with my friend Michael, who had just gotten back from half a year of travelling. This picture from the shoot might be one of my favorite portrait shots I've taken yet!

I also just had another shoot with Out In Oregon, and this one was interesting. It was an anniversary where the couple renewed their vows, but because it was all in Spanish I didn't understand anything all night. I couldn't understand conversation, music, announcements (I almost missed the vow renewals because of that part), and when people looked at me and laughed I just assumed it was cause I'm white and the other 150 people were not.

So then, that brings me to my most recent adventure!

Basically my friends had invited me up to Pechuck Point with them for the night, but plans changed due to weather and we ended up at Bagby Hot Springs. My friend Tarah and I rode out separately since I had to work, and wandered around the snow-dusted trails trying to find them. No luck at first, but gosh it was beautiful out there! The snow was dumping fat and sticking to everything! 

Finally found them, and when we all got to Bagby we found it in rough condition. Barely any of the tubs worked, and the few that did were happily occupied. Trash was littered all around, some spots in the structure were rotting or just torn apart. After talking to a ranger the next day, we found out people literally tore apart the wooden structures to make a fire! 

People suck.

So we hung out it in Em's HUGE sprinter van until 2am, and headed over to Austin Hot Springs. This place was actually pretty cool despite being small.

I think the coolest part of this trip was seeing SEVEN rainbows on the drive home!!! Sadly, I don't have shots to prove it. Guess you'll just have to take my word for it :)

Thank you for reading!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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