Joe Is a Jesus-lovin, picture takin fool from banks, oregon. His other hobbies include climbing, hiking, fixing his vanagon, and pretty much anything slightly dangerous or far from the ground.

With an enormous love for life and people, joe brings a smile to everything he does. this blog is a small glimpse of his view on the world and the things created in it.

Parking Garage Hunting

Parking Garage Hunting

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
— Rabindranath Tagore

I want to apologize for not having something worthwhile to read about on my blog. It was that way for a while, but recently it seems as though I just ramble about what goes on in my life. But, it's helpful to me. So I guess I'm not sorry. 

In any case, these last few weeks have been extremely frustrating for a lot of reasons. To give you an idea of what I mean, let me tell you about last weekend, and then I'll stop boring you and share my pictures.

So it's my Saturday (It's actually Tuesday but my weekend fell in the middle of the week). I slept in my car that night because I'm converting it and wanted to test the bed, but I parked at work so Tonya wouldn't have to drive as far to pick me up. Knowing my gym opened at 6am, I walked over a mile from my car to go for an early climb and a shower, but what do you know?! The gym changed their hours, so they don't open until I'm supposed to be picked up. 

This is also a good time to mention - I'm walking because my transmission died the week before, and my car can't go any faster than 30 mph.

So, I walked another mile back to the car. Ashamedly, I walked into work and showered in one of the hotel rooms that hadn't been finished yet. "Yes Bill, I want to use a dirty room" "No Bill, my shower plans fell through." "Yes, Bill, I'll hurry up." 

So Tonya picks me up, we go downtown and climb some buildings, and she drops me back off later that morning. Drove home, got comfy, and prepared to relax for the day - when suddenly, my boss calls me into work! Someone called in sick. No biggie. Not like I had anything planned anyway.

So since my car is no longer a good option, I biked. I made it about four miles in when I got a flat tire. No worries, I've got a spare and a pump! Oh shoot. I look down where my pump should be: Gone. Great. 

At this point if I walk, I might be late. I started walking my bike. I check the time after about a half mile and realize, I will definitely be late if I walk! So I ran. I ran and I ran and I ran (with my bike in hand) and after two grueling miles I arrived at work, and - I couldn't believe it - clocked in at 3:00 ON THE DOT!!

So that was a blast. But my boss bought me pizza!! It was awesome, and made me happy.

Along with the pizza I have other amazing news! Now I don't want to go into detail on here, but if you ask me in person I'll tell you. Basically, I screwed up and forgot to do something for probation, and did it late. Super dumb mistake, but a very serious one. I had court scheduled for a misdemeanor, and after nervously awaiting my punishment for the last three weeks I finally got the result. The DA dropped the case!!!!! It was a wonderful feeling indeed.

In good spirits again, I went downtown by myself yesterday to do some parking garage hunting. I met some cool guys on top of one of the smart parks, and one of them (Michael) asked me to take his picture. We did a little shooting, and you know? I'm kinda happy with what I got. For never really doing portraits I'd say these aren't bad.  

This last one is my favorite. I love those Lee Filters!! Also I finally get to go to church again tomorrow so I'm pumped. See ya! Hope you like mah schots ;)

Lying in Lavender

Lying in Lavender

Not-So-Typical Spring Break

Not-So-Typical Spring Break