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With an enormous love for life and people, joe brings a smile to everything he does. this blog is a small glimpse of his view on the world and the things created in it.

Too Much Life

Too Much Life

Wow! It has been way too long since I have written a post. Over three months!

I think I've just been tired of being so busy and having so much to do. Always stuff to do! Every day I knock a couple things off my mental task list, but it never seems to end. And neither does being broke, frustratingly enough! Hahaha.

To recap the last few months in one long sentence: I quit working with Out In Oregon, shot a big event, and later drove my van to Brookings which died - the day before my birthday; so I borrowed my cousin's truck (which happens to be the original piece of junk I learned to drive in), had a few photoshoots and beach trips, I've been dating this amazing girl named Kaitlynn who also went to Iceland with the group (WOOT WOOT!!!!), I got a slider kit for timelapses that I'm SUPER stoked about, had an engagement shoot, moved to a new house in Hillsboro, and took a massive break from social media and photography in general. A lot going on. By the way Kaitlynn is amazing. Here's a shot from Omsi I took with a new friend from Instagram! @troutwest_pdx

Now at first I wasn't sure what happened with the van. It made a TERRIBLE grinding noise as I was exiting off the highway! I got out and pushed my car through the intersection, hopped back in, and used the downhill momentum to pull off a perfect parking job in the nearest lot! And funny enough I was so close to home I walked there and dealt with the towing a few days later.

I thought the van was dead dead, but thanks to an awesome stranger, it is probably a simple fix. 

In the meantime, I bought a cheap old mob-boss car to commute with. It's pretty sweet. I named it Donny. Custom license plates are on the way.

Here are the shots from Brookings. This place is INCREDIBLE and I can't wait to get back out there!!

Also! Jerad, Alex, and I went to God's Thumb. I've never heard of it, but this place was so awesome!! One shot is from sunset, the other after the moon rose.

In honor of International Dark Sky Week, I went to Saddle Mountain to get some cool star shots! My timelapse I took didn't exactly work out, but this one picture I took beforehand did. Also I met a dog. YES.

A week or two later I was asked to shoot photos at a 3 million dollar home in Lake Oswego! I intended to do a timelapse but it didn't come out right so I only have a few pictures from it.

I also had another engagement shoot!

I later intended to meet up with a friend at Trillium Lake and shoot a timelapse, but A. friend got lost and never showed, and B. the Milky Way didn't line up, so I didn't shoot the timelapse. I did save one test shot though!

On a different note, I have been wanting to get a full slider set up for years now, and thanks to my parents generous Amazon gift card I got for Christmas, I finally got it!!! A full slider kit with 3-axis movement. IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!

I took Kaitlynn on the best date I've ever been on so far. Know why it was the best? because not only was it ACTUALLY just the best, but she let me set up my timelapse while we hung out on our date! WIN.

We got to the top of Smith Rock, I set up my slider, and we drank wine while we watched the sun go down. Pretty freaking incredible if you ask me. 

I met Alex and a new friend Daniel at Rowena Crest for another timelapse a week or two later. While the time lapse ran I helped them get some cool light trail shots by driving Donny around the curve a few times. You should check out their shots on Instagram! and @dreamcapturedimages

Now I don't want you all to think I am backing off the blog or photography for good or anything. Quite the opposite. I just needed a mental break. Be it a VERY long mental break. But with summer in full swing and all the change coming my way I am about to embrace the new season of life and KILL IT with my photography!!

Also here's a nice sunset for you. Bye!

Iceland - SvoooGott!

Iceland - SvoooGott!