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With an enormous love for life and people, joe brings a smile to everything he does. this blog is a small glimpse of his view on the world and the things created in it.

Weekend of Whimsy

Weekend of Whimsy

“Being engaged is a way of doing life, a way of living and loving. It’s about going to extremes and expressing the bright hope that life offers us, a hope that makes us brave and expels darkness with light. That’s what I want my life to be all about - full of abandon, whimsy, and in love.”
— Bob Goff

Well, we did it!! This weekend my dad, some work friends, and I all biked from Seattle to Portland!! 

When we signed up to do this event, I thought it would be one of the toughest things I'd ever done. I assumed we would all be struggling the whole way, we would get so tired we wouldn't get far, and I honestly didn't think we would finish. But no! We did finish, and it was a blast! Even more incredible, two of our team did the whole thing on a tandem!! Freaking nuts, if you ask me.

To get the weekend off on a good start we all stayed at an awesome A-frame cabin near the halfway mark. This place was prime! We were right near Mayfield Lake, so a couple of us kayaked out to this awesome island in the middle and jumped in the water, and later we all relaxed with good food while the sun went down. SUCH a great evening.

Even though we were waking up at 4am the next morning, I HAD to shoot the stars. They were just too good! I kayaked out to that island in the middle of the night and set up my hammock. Not wanting to get my clothes wet, I stripped naked and walked along this underwater rock shelf that led into the river. This shelf allowed me to go a great distance away from the island, and provided a stable base for my tripod! 

It was a little different of a morning before the race. Pills were passed out, sunscreen applied, and chafing cream smeared over every nook and cranny of ourselves. It made me think of that episode of the The Office where Andy's nipples chafed after going on their run! Hahaha. Didn't want that to happen.

The bike ride was incredible though! Two days of beautiful scenery, good laughs, and the BEST pit crew you could ask for! There were stops every ten miles, but our pit crew (my mom and two other awesome parents) stopped all the time along the way just to yell and cheer us on :) It was very motivating. I also want everyone to know that our group was by far the most energetic, excitable, fun group we saw out there! Too many people were taking it seriously, and of the ones that weren't we were the only one who got the onlookers cheering with us. As our shirts said: Distance, not speed! 

I just have a hard time believing it still... I mean, we actually bike all the way from Seattle to Portland. Which is SO FAR! Wow.

So anyway I got my licence reinstated this weekend. I still don't have a physical copy of it, but at least I am allowed to drive again. So I thought: road trip!!! 

Along the way to Trillium lake I picked up a hitchhiker named Travis. He's a really cool dude! Him and his buddies stay out around Mount Hood and pick up trash from everybody who littered at their campsites. So good. The US Forestry Service loves them, and if you leave a bunch of trash at your campsite, you can bet Travis and his buds will clean up after you (and let the rangers know about it). 

We drove for a good 45 minutes, and he showed me all the good spots around Trillium where you can camp for free! We parted ways, and I was soon met by an awesome young couple camping nearby me. After chatting for a while, they invited me to their campfire, and in the morning they even made me pancakes! Hahaha I couldn't believe how nice they were.

To finish off this INCREDIBLE weekend, I spent an hour and a half with some chipmunks, getting them to eat out of my hand in the end. Yes.

Toketee the Gem

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Fireworks and Flowers

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